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Production and Design: Enjoy the Difference

From the 30-year experience of Sandro Mizzon (linkedin), comes Mizzon 360 Coffee Caps specialized in the production and industrial supply of empty aluminum caps in Italy and abroad.

Material analysis, technical solutions and ability to interpret the customer's design and high personalization of the final product are the key factors that make this company an excellent partner for the production and supply of aluminum capsules.

Il know how e le competenze maturate in oltre 30 anni di esperienza specifica nel settore,
represents the added and distinctive value for our Italian and foreign customers.

The inimitable design of the capsules makes our production recognizable, complete with compatible capsules.

Sandro Mizzon puts the customer and market needs first, taking care to have 0 environmental impact.

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Sandro Mizzon
Mizzon 360 Coffee Caps

Our Production

Mizzon 360 Coffee Caps is a manufacturer of compatible empty capsules with a capacity of 600 million units per year. We are committed to developing customized solutions for our customers, and with our state-of-the-art equipment and processes, we ensure first-class quality and standardization for our customers' products.

Million units a year